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Frequently Asked Questions  

What does LOJF do?

  • LOJF reaches the newly arrived youth wander in Jakarta, as well as those returning from overseas (from in- country and abroad).

  • LOJF reaches the youth who experience spiritual drought  and considered leaving the Catholic Church or turned to other Church.
  • LOJF creates a second family as a means for members to grow in God`s love and develop Christ-like character.

  • LOJF cultivates potential and talents of each member.

How does LOJF make it happen?

  • Through networking with LOJF member’s friends and family members.

  • Through mini KRK/small KRK (FEAST) which delivered with relevant messages, up to date information in a creative and appealing ways for young people.

  • Meeting/fellowship Care Group once a week to discuss the Word of God. Through Care Group, the members can share their struggles and life experiences, also encourage and pray for one another.

  • Commitments undertaken by the members to grow faith and love for God.

  • Trying to instill the character of Christ in daily life, such as positive thinking, high integrity, and a sense of caring and loving.

  • Through internal retreats and Family Gathering (meeting/internal fellowship members of LOJF), the members were given deeper topic/theme of  God’s Word which relevant to develop the character of members. For example: commitment, self-image, etc.

  • Talent mapping and/or talent members, from each Care Group member to be allocated accordingly to the interest and ability of the members, including  services to outside (e.g. in the field of creative, social, prayer services, etc.)

  • Developing talent through training and guidance (including coaching) by the head of ministry section.


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