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Our Story  

Light of Jesus Family (LOJF) Indonesia is a Catholic community who reaches out, embraces everyone and raises generations that reflect the Light of Christ through relevant ways with loving and caring.


It all started from a humble beginning in 2009. Our founders had a longing for a community that gathers together and strengthens one another through their Faith in Christ. This led to a small, humble prayer gathering on a warm evening in Jakarta. Fast forward to 2010, this small family grew in number — just enough for them to turn it into a community and after a recollection, they finally decided to form a community with direction from LOJF Manila, which has already been established since 1982. LOJF Indonesia is under The Archdiocese of Jakarta (KAJ) since July 2011 with guidance from Father Antonius Suhardi Antara Pr. as the Priest Moderator.


As per today, LOJF Indonesia has grown to 400 plus individuals who have similarity, which is the needed for a community—a second family—who can not only act as their hang-out buddies, but also their support system when things get a little too much. It is from this that we developed our regular Light Groups, which aims to provide a shelter for these individuals.

Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

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