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15-09-2016 - by Ariani/Hilda


Grand Feast “UNSHAKEABLE” 2016
With Bro Bo Sanchez & Bro George Gabriel 

Bro George Gabriel open the session with a verse from Hebrews 12:28 “So since we are receiving an unshakable kingdom, let us give thanks, and through this let us offer worship pleasing to God in devotion and awe.” To understand this better, he gave an example in a story. He has an experience being in an upper level of a building and suddenly earthquake happened, the upper level were shaken harder than the lower level. Why? Because it is further from the foundation. It’s the same as our spiritual life, the foundation is Lord Jesus our unshakeable ground, if we are close to Him, then anything that happen in our life will not be shaken too much. Let us stay close to Jesus. 

The Bro George invited Bo Sanchez as the main speaker to come up to the stage and Bo Sanchez opened the talk with story about an old lady in crowded bus, no seat and she has to hold on to something so she didn’t fall. The bus is going through a road with many turns and in desperation she held on to the nearest pole. After a while, a young man said to the old lady that he had to go down. This old lady didn’t understand why the young man has to ask for her permission. Turns out, the pole that she held on all this time is a curtain rod that the man bought. If our lives just like a ride in that bus, maybe we have been holding on to something wrong – whether it’s our spouse, our parents, who eventually disappoint us because they are merely human. Let’s hold on to one unshakeable thing that is Lord Jesus. 

Bo Sanchez told us more about 4 types of person:

1. GO PERSON: someone who always says yes, a generous person, all he/she has (energy, talents, wealth) is always shared to other people around him/her. But because he/she always gives, he/she ends up empty, doesn’t have enough time, doesn’t have enough energy and strength and finally too tired to give more.

There are 3 signs when you give more than you receive:

  1. You become stressful 
  2. You get sick
  3. You tend to sin because you are weak to temptation

The truth is, you can’t give what you don’t have. Then Bo Sanchez shared his experience when he is 50 years old, what he prayed for is different from when he is younger. In his older age, he prayed for balance in life. Why? Because without balance, passion will not last. I advise you to have a balanced life so you can love Jesus until the end. As an example, even though his schedule is busy, Bo always gives time once a week to date his wife and children.

2. NO PERSON: someone who tend to refuse sharing. He/she tends to be a selfish person. He/she were given talents, passion, but he/she refuses to serve. Maybe it is because the value of sharing is not taught to him/her since childhood time, or he/she might be an ex-GO PERSON who felt tired, or hurt deeply that he wouldn’t share anymore and close himself. This kind of person is pathetic.

3. FLOW PERSON: someone who faced so many crisis and storm finally is allowed by God to fall and become broken. But, God has healed him/her already. Why God use a broken person? Because when you are broken, your selfishness is broken too that you have no pride left. And when in crisis, our heart tends to look for God all the time. You can understand what other broken people feels too. When you are down to nothing, God is up to something in your life. Your biggest blessing comes from your biggest problem. And when God fills you, you can share it to other through your brokenness. But this type of person, at some point in his life can feel dryness and emptiness.

4. OVERFLOW PERSON: this type of person has experienced God’s love overflowing in his life. Just like a glass with overflowing water, he/she shares a lot to others but he/she will never be empty or dry because God has been the center of his life.

God wants us to be the 4th person with few ways as following:

1. Balance your time

Give time to God besides to your family, friends, yourself, and your community. Never let ourselves be empty of God’s love. Because we can’t give what we don’t have. When we are close to God, then we will not be afraid to face our problems in life. We might be limited and has our own weakness, but we have God who is unlimited.

 2. Balance your friendship

In life there are 2 types of friends: those who nourishing us and those who absorb our energy because they are toxic and even ruin our lives. Doesn’t mean that we can’t befriend those who are toxic, but allocate 80% of your time with nourishing friends rather than with your toxic friends. 

© Light of Jesus Family for LOJ Conference & Grand Feast 2016
Visit, FB: Light Of Jesus Family (LOJF) Indonesia; IG: lojfindo; twitter: @LOJF_Indo

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