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Young Leader with A Character Full of Gratitude
10-02-2015 - by Writer: Joan / Editor: Siska / Translator: Tessy


Who doesn’t want to achieve success in such a young age?

Billy Boen, an owner of a brand, company, and community named Young On Top once said, “ If you can achieve success at young age, why should you wait until old?”. Billy Boen must sound familiar to us, for he has shared his success story in a book and several TV’s talkshow such as Kick Andy.

At Feast, an event held by Light of Jesus Family, with the theme WOW, our MarComm team got a chance to interview this 1978 born in person. His experience and character is definitely worth to be shared with LOJFam, especially because he is a very positive person and willing to keep sharing. Check out our interview with Billy Boen below.

Q: How do you see yourself as a leader? What type of leader are you?

A: I am a leader who believes in “lead by example”. I never say anything that I don’t believemyself. As a leader, I will do things that hopefully can becomeinspiration for others.

Q: What is the key factor to your success?

A: The key factor to my success is my family. I’m grateful for the family I have now, where I can learn a lot from my parents. From each example they gave and their guidance since I was small, I have been directed to find my passion or hobby. My parents taught me to dream big. They also kept telling me to have a good attitude. I was taught not to differentiate social status, religion, race, be open to all thoughts and “go extra miles” in doing everything.

Q: Is there anything you have to sacrifice in order to gain success like now?

A: Since small it seems like my life have been shaped by my parents, where they guide me without telling me what to do and impose their will. Starting since primary school, my parents gave me a lesson about the meaning of leadership and until I finished my school, I never felt there is anything need to be sacrificed because my parents never demanded anything. I feel everything that I have done until now is my own desire, not a burden from my parents’wish. Turns out those guidancesare aligned with my desire. Perhaps without me even realizing it, I was directed since small, but I did everything with a joyful heart and I enjoyed doing it.

For example,my parents never asked me to get first rank but more to make lot of friends.When I had to choose a major in high school, my parents never forced me to go into science but I was permitted to take social class.

Q: How do you think a leader can have a balance life in spiritual and business?

A: Both is really important. When I was asked as a child what do I want to be later, my answer is I want to be successful in career because I was taught like that. But moving forward, now I believe in balanced life. We have to struggle to obtain this concept becauseIn actual life, you cannot be 100% balanced all the time. For me religion is important to keep us humble in doing business and having career. Because we might think we are a superstar when we can lead lots of people in one company. Religion or belief will always remind us there is a greater power than us who is mere human. So this belef will keep us humble, knowing that we cannot do everything alone without His help.

Q: Do you have a role model?

A: Role model? It’s so classic for my age, my fave is my father and mom. Career wise, of course it is my father because since small I saw him coming home from work everyday. I asked what did he do and he said he is a leader in a company. Since that I said to myself that one day I will also be a leader of a company. Yes, He’s my role model for my career.

Q: How do you improve yourself?

A: Back again to what I’ve said before, this is a character which has been planted on me since small. I never wait for someone else to challenge me, I challenge myself in everything. For a work that I have done, either it is good or imperfect, I will always evaluate it. I’m a kind of person who always ask every second what can i do better. It is already my character so if asked why, I also dont know what to say. Hehe

Q: What else do you want to improve in life?

A: Since my book was published, I dont have anything left to achieve. But one thing I realize after publishing this book is I have one purpose, that is to share more. If I was asked what to improve, it is to be able to give more time for sharing. I indeed have no more goals but the purpose of my life is to keep on sharing.

Q: What is the thing you really grateful for in life?

A: I am the kind of person who is always grateful for everything in life. I rarely take them for granted. I always realize for everything that happened in my life starting from the smallest one. So what I am grateful for the most is maybe how I have been taught all the basic value of life from my family. For me, having a grateful character should be made habit even for the smallest thing.

Billy Boen is really an inspirational person in his young age. Hopefully in the beginning of 2015, let us once again improve our attitude and keep on learning, especially to be grateful.

God bless you to be successful in young age! God bless you!



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