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21-07-2014 - by .


Our feature this time is Steven Erwin Wijaya (Steven), our Grand Feast chairman, currently also associate Feast Builder, Light of Jesus Family, whose figure certainly can not be separated from his success story in leading a company in such a young age. Born on January 6, 1981, having jogging and fun hiking as his hobby, he is the eldest child with one younger sister and two younger twin brothers. He actively serves in LOJF after finishing his undergraduate and graduate degree in United States. Not only Steven, his siblings are also actively involved in LOJF activities and they become pioneers in their family.

Let us read interesting story that Steven shared with LOJF journalist team on how he continues learning to be the best leader in the Lord both in his service and business life.


1. How do you join LOJF at first place? 

The story is very simple, when I was taking my undergraduate degree in Madison, I started to join a Catholic organization with a moderate scale, where the activities were also more towards fun. I became a servant there briefly, because then I moved to Los Angeles and did not involve in any service for about 5 years.

I then returned to Indonesia, after which I grew my longing to have and be active in a community. Unexpectedly, my friend who already knew LOJF, invited me to come to the Feast. I felt comfortable being part of this community. After that, I asked my siblings to join and we finally also become part of the LOJF community.


2. You have successfully led many people, both in the field of work and service at a relatively young age. What is the key to your success? 

I believe Leadership is Learned. I learn a lot about the meaning of leadership, but other than that, we also need have to have the potential, intention, and capabilities towards it.

The first lesson is to always try to be the best of ourselves. In his/her imperfection, a leader needs to set the best example and not only goes around demanding people. A leader does not need to show he/she is perfect, as nobody is perfect, but needs to show that it is more about serving. Because when we serve others, they will be more appreciative of us and willing to serve back.

Second lesson is to have the ability to listen.

The third lesson is to form a team of solid and capable leaders. Roughly this time at PT. United Family Food (Unifam) there are almost 5000 people, both hired or outsourced. However, the strength of an organization is not dependent on how many people we have. The key to manage people is not necessarily the number of people we lead, but on how many leaders we have generated. Like John C. Maxwell once said, "when you add followers, you`re in the additional process. But if we add leaders, we`re in the multiplication process ".


3. How do you see business success and spiritual success? 

Successful business is a business that has a good reputation. To have that, we must have good integrity, beginning from our words that can be trusted. This value is also the same in the service. This key to success is precisely what makes us try harder. There is a difference between us being successful in the wrong way and the right way. If we build a business in a way that is not correct, there must be a conflict between services and business life. But if we build it based on integrity and trust, the existence of the spiritual values and principles (of the Bible) becomes a major key to success.

Spiritual life and business life are not two different things because both can run simultaneously and in support of one another.

4. How you can divide your time to achieve the `work-life balance`? 

It`s hard for me, but I learn how to make a priority. Within 24 hours, how we use time more valuably. I still have room for improvement here. This time, indeed most of my time is spent in work and business, then for service and then for time with family and relationship.  In the future, my effort is to make it for relationship and family foremost, then for work and business, and then for service.


5. How can you win business competition that is getting stronger? 

A wise man once told me, a company to be feared is not a company that continues to bother other people, but a company that continues to improve itself. My focus is how to improve ourselves, and have a strong foundation, so I am able to face the competition out there.


6. What is your passion and how do you fill your days and continue to create a positive person? 

Leading People & Envisioning is something that I love, and preaching is one part of leadership. In having a Positive Mental Attitude. I believe we are not called to be positive as much as we are called to be grateful. When we are grateful, we automatically become a positive person. And I myself need to continue learning to be grateful. I also equip myself with quality reading from John C. Maxwell, Jim Rohn, Darren Hardy, Robert Kiyosaki, Bo Sanchez and many more.


7. How do you see the role of Jesus in your life?

For me, Jesus is a place to vent. As a best friend who can accept me, with my strengths and weaknesses and my sins. I feel God loves me so much even though I am far from perfect.


8. Who is your inspiration? 

My inspiration may change over time. But Mom and Dad, is the foremost of family. Dad is a patient and calm person while my mom is a career and business woman that to her family is the most important. Both inspire me and maybe some of my characters were derived from them.


9. How do you need prayer and regular prayer life? How do you build your spiritual life and prayer routine? 

Maybe I am not the right person for this question. But I think prayer is very important because through prayer we can know ourselves. So we get to know God. The biggest challenge between our current situation and what we aspire to be is not our situation and condition but ourselves. For example in a relationship, we first need to understand what we want. In this situation, prayer will help us to direct our lives and move forward.

My foundation is to have quiet time when praying without words in the morning, for around 20-30 minutes. I am trying to do it every morning and I’m still learning to adhere it. I also go to the adoration chapel to pray for 45-60 minutes.


10. How do you see the progress of LOJF so far? Going forward what is your particular mission with LOJF? 

I feel grateful to get this far because LOJF Catholic community is currently the most rapid growing community inJakarta, but this should not make us arrogant. There are many homeworks, where LOJF foundation should be strengthened further, especially for the Feast and Care Group. This is where we reach out to the unchurch. Whereas through these activities we can better fill ourselves. I serve solely so I could be near God and used by Him always. I believe recovery can happen when we restore others and when we become God’s tool. When God works through us, God blesses us and restores us as well. I hope God gives me the opportunity to answer YES to all of his calls and become His tool in life, like the Light of Jesus slogan.


11. What is your hope for LOJF friends in Indonesia? 

Hope for all the friends in LOJF, let us serve. Do not just stop growing, but also be fruitful. Through LOJF we also can open up to all the sinners, like LOJF mission itself, because we do not have to be pure to enter into this community. We should be able to be a second family to our unchurch friends. Let’s be a light to our family and friends.


Journalist: Joan Translator/Editor: Siska 

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