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There`s Something about Mother Mary
29-10-2014 - by Lenny/Siska/Ariani


As a Catholic, has it ever occurred to you and questioned why we need to pray to Mother Mary when our Savior and King of all Kings is Jesus Christ? Actually the simplest answer is we pray not to Mother Mary but through the intercession of Mother Mary to Jesus Christ. But why Mother Mary and not the others? Because Mother Mary was chosen by God to carry Jesus in her womb and gave birth to Jesus.  Mother Mary is respected and looked up to by people because of the grace of God upon her. She is considered as the most Holy amongst all saints because Mother Mary is the only one appointed to become the channel of God to bring Jesus into this world.

Aside from these facts, what are the other important things to know about Mother Mary?

Mother Mary is our intercessors, similar to our preference to pray through Saints whom are considered more holy and has closer relationship with God, or the daily example is we request those who can pray for us to bring forth our wishes and/or struggles to God. Mother Mary’s role is to help bringing forth our prayers to Jesus. The prayer of righteous people with great faith has strong power (James 5:16).

Mother Mary is our role model. In the midst of modern lifestyle with its own complexity and consumerism, full of impurity, the life example led by Mother Mary becomes refreshment to us.  Looking back to her age of 14, she was chosen by God to carry Jesus in her womb as a virgin, what a great phenomenon when we think using logic, is it even possible? Why was she chosen, what kind of qualities that made her deserve this position? The Lord saw Mother Mary’s humility and purity. She accepted the calling of God with by saying: “let it be to me according to Your word” (Luke 1:38).

Mother Mary will bring us closer to God. Like Scott Hahn said “It isn’t undermining devotion to Christ. It’s to express our devotion of Christ, our worship of Christ by imitating him. If we really imitate him, we do what He does and we honor and bestow glory upon His mother.” Praying to Mother Mary is not to shift our focus from Jesus, but is another way to know Jesus better by respecting and honoring the Mother as the woman who bring Him to this world, took care and faithful throughout Jesus’ life.

But what is the history behind October as the month of Mother Mary?

In 1575, a battle took place in Lepanto, in which Turkey attacked Christianity and almost defeated due to the lack of people compare to the opposition, which include those ready to defend in Spain, Genoa and Venice. To face this, Don Juan (John) from Austria as the leader for Catholic people, together with the locals, prayed the Rosary to ask for Mother Mary’s help in such urgent situation to save Christianity. And the prayer was answered on 7 October 1571, which later on was decided by Pope Pius V as the month of Rosary in Vatican mass. Later Pope Gregorius XIII decided that specific date as the Day of the Rosary. 

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