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Exclusive Interview with Bo Sanchez
18-12-2013 - by Journalist team MarComm LOJF

by Adi

Due to the Grand Feast on November 5th, the journalist team of Light of Jesus Family was given a privilege to meet Brother Bo Sanchez in person. Unwilling to waste such a rare opportunity, we used this occasion to conduct a special interview with him. Through this short interview, Brother Bo Sanchez gave his appreciation about the previously-held Grand Feast and shared his special message to all of Light of Jesus Family Indonesia’s members.


Journalist Team (JT): What do you think about Grand Feast in Indonesia? 
Brother Bo Sanchez (Bo):
I was so impressed with the audience hunger for the Lord and for the Word. Especially the young people, they are very passionate and energetic. I think LOJF is doing a fantastic job to attract young people because it is very important to attract young people. They keep the community alive and growing. Otherwise the community will reach only up to a certain point before it starts dying.

JT: In the Grand Feast, the range of audience was quite wide, from university students, professionals, married couple and even older people. What was your strategy to talk to variety of audience in Grand Feast?

Bo: My strategy was to address to two different audiences, with focus more on the younger persons. I`m thankful that the translator was very fun.

JT: After Grand Feast which has attracted so many people, what do you think LOJF should do? 

Bo: LOJF should sustain the momentum by first: Inviting people to the Feast because the Feast helps strengthen the local community who do not have the teaching. And secondly, by building an on line based relationship such as e-mails, videos, newsletters on LOJF`s events so people are aware of the activities so they can join LOJF. Furthermore, regular written materials should be sent to the audience so they can be blessed by them.

JT:  What are your expectations after Grand Feast?

Bo: I`m hopeful LOJF can grow the three Feasts as well as the Caring Group. These should be the members’ source of life, while for non members, it should be their source of strengths.

I`m praying LOJF is continually growing. There will be many more Feasts in Indonesia. 

Can you imagine how many relationships will be strengthened, business will be blessed, marriage will be deepened, and parents-children relationship will be restored? Those are our goals.


JT:  Last question, can you share us your messages as the Founder of LOJ to the members in Indonesia?

Bo: Thank you so much for all the members` big heart for God, which inspired me so much, and your love for God and for Light of Jesus. You all should maintain the excellent service for God and more importantly the excellent love for one another. 


-Journalist team MarComm LOJF

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