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David Adinata: Life without Pretending
10-02-2014 - by .


"You can’t pretend to be who you are not."

Who doesn’t know David Adinata? This young man, who is also called as Bro David, is often seen on the stage as a worship leader. With his unique style, Bro David is always full of energy and passion when he lifts up praise and worship.

Bro David, who comes from Surabaya, has been doing ministry as a worship leader for a long time. Together with a number of friends from Light of Jesus Worship (LOJW) Indonesia, he participated in the making of "Champions Arise" album (2013). Outstanding service commitment from Bro David, the youngest of nine siblings, is two thumbs up. Not surprisingly, God entrusts him greater things. This spirit-full guy, who is married to Yolanda Sastra, is now our Feast Builder for Feast Central.

Behind his laid-back and humorous attitude, Bro David takes it seriously when it comes to ministry and life principles. Check out our special interview with this inspiring leader whose birthday is in May 1.


Can you share us the early moments when you encountered God and how you discovered His call in your life?

I was baptized Catholic when I was in Year 9 of high school, following my Catholic friends and also because I grew up in a Catholic school. However, at that time I still did not fully appreciate my faith. The term "Catholic ChrisTer" is just me. I went to the church for only two times in a year, of course for attending Christmas and Easter Masses only.

Somehow, God had other plans for me. Through a number of events, I was driven closer to God. The first event was a problem with my ex-girlfriend during high school. At that time her parents did not agree with our relationship because of a fortune teller prophesied that we were not a perfect match. During the 4.5 years we were dating “backstreet” (without parental consent), but eventually I felt very tired because it was not comfortable at all and we fought quite often. There I began to remember God but I still often blamed God for my condition.

The second was when I wanted to go to a retreat in Tumpang, Malang in the year of the Great Jubilee. The cost of the retreat was Rp 150,000, but I only had Rp 50,000. Then, when I met up with friends at a school reunion, suddenly I found a friend who wanted to cancel his booking at that retreat and gave his place to me at a cost for only Rp 50,000, the exact amount as the budget that I had.

The third event was in the retreat. In the first and second days of the retreat, I was still unfamiliar with the programs and could not enjoy it. But on the third day, there was a time when we had to wash feet of others, as a sign of forgiveness to everyone who hurt us in the past, also as a sign of serving and loving each other (imitating of what Jesus did in the last supper). I felt compelled to release forgiveness to those who hurt me, including my parents. I did have the emotional wound of rejection from my parents. When I was conceived, my mother was 40 years old and had already 8 children. Once I could forgive, I felt free and could sing praises loudly and clap joyfully. 

Of the three events above, especially when I returned from the retreat, I started to commit to repent, grow in faith, and serve God in the HSM community (Heman Salvation Ministry, Surabaya).

After discovering God`s calling how did you start to answer the calling through the ministry? 

When I first entered the ministry, actually I did not know what I could do. At that time I had low self-confidence, I felt so shy. So I followed the direction of a leader to try out all ministries and pick the one that makes me feel comfortable and enables me to grow the most. My first ministry was as intercessors. In addition, I also helped the fixtures and fittings ministry. For me personally, all of the work for the service of God is equal and indistinguishable. My favorite verse is 1 Samuel 16:7 "The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” When I serve the Lord, my motivation is to allow others to feel loved and restored by God as God has loved and restored me.

Do you have any particular mission in the ministry? 

While many Catholic youths participate in various spiritual activities, there are still many of them who do not understand the word of God. My mission is to do a ministry to bless and build the faith of Catholic youths.

With many ministry activities, how do you maintain your spirit to serve God passionately?

To be honest, there are times when we can feel tired, down, and have a spiritual drought when serving in ministries. In those moments we need the community so that we can keep igniting the spirit of serving the Lord. Often I see people equate prayer meeting with community. Prayer meeting is not a community. Community is where the members can share, give, grow together, and of course we pray for one another.

You have been doing ministry as a worship leader for years. Many people consider being a worship leader is pretty cool: seen by many people, accompanied by the singers and the music. But, what is actually happening in reality behind the stage? 

People tend to differentiate ministries. In fact, regardless of its form, it is the same ministry. As well as the Body of Christ, one part and the other is just as important. No part is more or less important. To become a worship leader, we cannot be any different from what we do every day. A worship leader praises and worships every day as a lifestyle. Praising and worshipping God is not only in prayer and in songs, but in our every thoughts, deeds, and words that are pleasing God.

In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge in being a worship leader? 

For me, the biggest challenge in the stage to remain humble and to keep up our passion in serving. We must keep ourselves humble and keep reminding ourselves that the things we do we can do it not by our might nor our power but by God who enables us. We also need to maintain our true intention, which is for the glory of the Lord, and not merely for material things or money. I frankly believe God is well-able to bless me through my worldly work and not to allow my ministry as the means to achieve my desire but as the means to share.

What kind of attitudes a worship leader needs to have and to develop, that he/she may avoid the temptation of popularity?

I think popularity can be seen in a positive way. It depends on how you use the popularity. It is good if someone is popular, then through their popularity they become influencers (making positive impact) on others and bring them to God. So it is important to have the right purpose on the popularity itself.

You always perform well when you are on stage. What is the secret?

Giving the best performance on stage is not just achieved by rehearsal, but also of the unity of hearts, vision, and mission of the entire team. Busyness of each personnel of LOJW is indeed an obstacle to regular practice. But I am grateful because all team members are already part of Care Group (CG). There, we unite our hearts to have the same vision and mission in the ministry.

(Click here to see the performance of Brother David with Light of Jesus Worship in the Grand Feast)

Have you ever had a memorable experience when leading worship? 

Once, I fell into sin, but have I served as a worship leader on stage. I felt the devil intimidated me by saying, "You hypocrites! You`re not worthy!" I felt no peace at all. From there on, I understand the importance of confession and to stay away from sin before serving God.

After the Grand Feast (5 November 2013), you start a new role as a Feast Builder. How do you feel about this?

I remember Bo Sanchez spoke at the Grand Feast that we needed to increase. I think the praise and worship ministry has become my comfort zone. The first time I preached in the Feast I was very nervous and did a lot of mistakes. But like Bo Sanchez said when the increase happens we become one level above the number 10, which means we need to learn again. So I have to read a lot more.

Performing as Feast Builder must be different from leading worship. How do you deal with this? 

Being Feast Builder is being a shepherd, where we are not only becoming a preacher but also responsible in leading the people. A worship leader is leading only in the scope of worship team. When I become a worship leader I do not want to just be a worshiper on stage, but also in everyday life. It’s the same with becoming a Feast Builder, I must be able to be an example and a role model in my daily life, which means not only can talk about the Words but also walk the Words of God.

As the Feast Builder, what is your opinion about living in the community, like in the Light of Jesus Family?

Community life is very important because God created us as social beings that need each other. Often we simply choose to contribute in the ministry alone but don’t want to commit in the care group community. In fact, it is in the care group that we can grow and build our characters better. With a fewer number of people, we care and encourage each other in the care group. We will probably find out the true selves of our fellow minister that we never see before. In the care group we also learn to accept others as they are and are transformed into a better person in God.

At the beginning of this year do you have any New Year resolution? 

My resolution in 2014 is to become more pleasing before God through my ministry and my daily life.

Last, do you have any message for LOJF fellows and other young Catholic fellows in welcoming the year of 2014? 

Among the increasing number of temptations and challenges that bring us down and stay away from the Lord, I strongly recommend you to strengthen your faith and begin to live in the community. We cannot survive alone. We need friends or a second family in Christ to support us in order to rise up and grow in the Lord. 


Dearest fellows, perseverance and the firm faith that Brother David has is one of the keys to success in every ministry. As the Word says in Luke 16:10, if we are faithful in small matters, God will entrust us greater matters. May the testimony of Brother David can inspire us to ignite our passion in the ministry.

Fiat Lux!


Interviewer: Joan / Editor: Ariani, Erica / English translation: Hanny 

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