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Pete Lapid

English Feast Builder


Bro Pete

Pete Lapid, familiarly known as Bro Pete, is the first English Feast Builder in Light Of Jesus Family (LOJF) Indonesia. Originally from the Philippines, Bro Pete has been living in Jakarta, Indonesia for 24 years!

When he first came to Indonesia, he had no knowledge of the Bible, as he wasn’t raised in a religious family. He was then invited to join the choir team in Genesis, one of the Catholic communities in Jakarta. That choir membership led to a prayer meeting invitation, and eventually brought Bro Pete to be part of the Genesis Catholic Community, where he grew from being an ordinary member to become its leader.

The idea of forming an English Feast occurred when he traveled to Philippine back in December 2013. He met with Bo Sanchez and an idea to form an English Feast came up in the discussion. When he brought it up with the other Genesis leaders, they were all excited with the idea, and hence the English Feast was born on January 24, 2015, with Bro Pete as the first Feast Builder.

Being a full time missionary for 24 years now, Bro Pete humbly admits that he never felt burnt out. He believes that all he has achieved today, it is all because of God’s grace and mercy. Bro Pete considers Bro Bo as a mentor, in whom he finds huge encouragement to push himself to be even better each day.

Having a great vision to expand English Feast in Indonesia, Bro Pete aims to inspire youths and children to get close to God, so that eventually, the faith towards God could be passed down from one generation to the next.

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