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David Adinata

Feast Indonesia Builder


David Adinata

David Adinata, who is a Surabaya native, has been serving God long before he moved to Jakarta. Back then he was serving as worship leader in Heman Salvation Ministry (HSM), which is based in Surabaya. Now happily married and residing in the capital city, he serves God through our own community, Light of Jesus Family Indonesia, as the acclaimed worship leader and the Feast Builder for the Feast Indonesia.

Defining the calling did not come straight away for Bro David, he had to join several ministries before he finally found in which ministry he belongs to. In praise and worship ministry, he feels comfortable and blessed, and grows so much, that he has been serving God relentlessly from up the stage ever since. Bro David together with number of friends from Light of Jesus Worship (LOJW) Indonesia, took a big part in the making of Champions Arise (2013), Higher (2015), and Unshakeable (2016) albums.

Being tenacious in his role as worship leader has brought him into a greater responsibility, which is to be the Feast Builder for Feast Indonesia. He realizes that the role of Feast Builder is not just about becoming the preacher, but also the ‘shepherd’, who is responsible in leading the ‘flock’. He believes as worship leader, that he has to be able to be a true worshipper, not only on stage, but also in his daily life. That being said, as a Feast Builder Bro David always strives to be an example and role model for his surroundings, to talk not only about the ordinary words, but also about the words of God.

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