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Mercy Triumphs
Sun, Jan 21, 2018 - by Chelle S. Crisanto


He said this because they were saying, “He has an impure spirit.” – Mark 3:30

     One early December morning, a rich man found a baby boy wrappedin soiled clothes lying outside his door. He asked his helper to bathe the child and wrap him in a clean blanket. The baby kept crying and, guessing that he was hungry, the man got a piece of clean cloth soaked in water and made the infant suck it.

     This was how Nick’s life began. He grew up on the lap of luxury and enjoyed everything that money could buy. Because the rich man had various businesses that required him to travel often, Nick would be left to himself. His search for fun and company led him to vices. Until one day, he was caught for illegal possession of firearms, shabu, and cocaine.

     He cried when his adoptive father cursed the day when the “devil” came to his house. But Nick begged for his forgiveness. “Father, I’m sorry. I’m not the devil. I love you. Please love me.”

     This event marked a new chapter in their lives where love and forgiveness conquered shame and condemnation. The father’s willingness to forgive and the son’s repentance drove away the evil that threatened to overrun their lives.

Reflect: Do you feel abandoned and lost amidst the temptations of the world you live in? Call out to the Savior who never leaves you.

Lord, I know You have my back. But there is so much evil around me. Please make me strong and sensitive to Your love and the love of myfamily. Amen.

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