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Rommel Atmadja ( Light Group Thamres 1 )
Occupation : Merchandise Entrepreneur
Age : 28 th
Rommel Atmadja

I joined LOJF in July 2011. My purpose back then was to have more intimate relationship with God. I actively going to Light Group (CG) and Feast; from there I have been learning a lot about Praise & Worship, Bible, and starting to feel God in more intimate way.

There were a lot of struggles happening in my family where we as a family had to face the biggest challenge in our life. Financial crisis hit our family. We had to change our life 180 degrees to change our decent lifestyle. It felt like all the materials that we had vanished all of the sudden. The unity of the family members was being challenged as well because I and my brother had a misunderstanding which caused a big confrontation between us. Nevertheless I thank God to have such great parents who reminded me “Don’t let this family be broken. Even though the relation with the friends, associates, relatives are getting worse, don’t let our family’s relation with God be distant too. Be faithful in Him, and never turn away from Him. The same thing with this family, because a family is the most important thing in life.” I was so touched to hear that even though at that time I was so angry and even though deep inside couldn’t accept all of it yet.

At one LG session, there was a topic that slapped me right in my face which was “Do You Have a Forgiving Attitude?” No, I didn’t have it yet. It became a deep reflection for me. It was being taught that we need to have love. We need to feel God’s love in order to have that kind of love in us and to have that forgiving attitude. I tried to bring this reflection in my prayers until finally I really felt love from God; at that time I felt a great healing by God in me. My friends in CG also strengthened me. Love from God was so great; it tore down all the hatreds in me. Now I’m happy to say that I can accept it. Our family has been getting better day by day and all of our efforts are being smoothed by Him.

This has taught me to go through every problem, we need to have the inner strength is us, and most importantly to keep faith in God. It has also taught me not to stop praising and worshiping God because the healing will really happen. We do not need to ask to God when the healing will happen because He has planned the best things for our life.

I am really glad to be able to join LOJF and LG Thamres I, we are like a family in it. Not only fellowship, it’s more that. We learn a lot about commandments and learn many things about life from the brothers and sisters in LG through sharing. LOJF is the first Catholic community I have joined, and for sure it will be my last destination. Thank God for letting me find LOJF…

Hanny CG Pluit

Hanny (Light Group Pluit)
--, -- th



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Marketing Communication in Banking, 28 th


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Rommel Atmadja

Rommel Atmadja ( Light Group Thamres 1 )
Merchandise Entrepreneur, 28 th


I joined LOJF in July 2011. My purpose back then was to have more intimate ....
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