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Ariani Hadioetomo (Light Group Thamres 1)
Occupation : Marketing Communication in Banking
Age : 28 th

The Best Valentine’s Gift Ever!

Just like anything in life, my journey with Him has its own ups and downs. I had my darkest moments in which I felt lost track of my purpose in life. I have been long searching for a community to share and grow together in Him. Realizing that “For wherever two or three are gathered in My name, there I AM in the midst of them” (Matthew 18:20).

With my tight work schedule before, I doubted my own capability to commit myself in any community other than my work.  At a point in my life, many things changed. These changes led me to continue my search. Then, my colleague also a dear friend invited me to join FEAST by LOJF in early Feb; she also encouraged me to join the weekly Light Group nearby my place – Thamres 1 or Thamres 2.

On 14 Feb 2012, it was my first time to join light group Thamres 1. From the first time I joined, I knew that my long search has found an answer at last. God has found me a second home. The place where its people are open-minded, minimize judgments, warm and friendly. I can see myself growing together with brothers and sisters in Christ. Then I remembered, my first day to join light group is Valentine’s Day. Oh yeah…it’s by far the best Valentine’s Day gift from God. Ever since, step by step God has healed me in His magical ways and showed me back to His purpose for my life. As a bonus, He introduced me to many amazing new friends, and provided me a place to perform my God given talents.

For that, I am forever blessed and grateful.


Hanny CG Pluit

Hanny (Light Group Pluit)
--, -- th



I am sooo blessed with my Light Group. They are indeed my second ....
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Ariani Hadioetomo (Light Group Thamres 1)
Marketing Communication in Banking, 28 th


The Best Valentine’s Gift Ever!

Just like anything in life, my journey with Him has ....
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Rommel Atmadja

Rommel Atmadja ( Light Group Thamres 1 )
Merchandise Entrepreneur, 28 th


I joined LOJF in July 2011. My purpose back then was to have more intimate ....
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